How to create your coded website

Well, this could be the most demanding question from a record of the past 6 months, how actually being at the front-end you can create your own coded website. It is just a matter of skills until you can do wonders just by learning a couple of basic computer languages like HTML (Hypertext markup language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and maybe a few more like these. So to create your own coded website you first need to have this curiosity inside of you to learn codes and also the ability to logically reason several codes, other than the rumors coding is not a back-breaking task, you just need to focus on your goal and your journey would come out to be the most beautiful one. As we start writing the code no doubt we have a plot ready in our minds for what would come next, but we tend to skip some of the crucial points, like adding comments, functions, or maybe methods sometimes, we sometimes give improper variable names which give us a hard time remembering one or even reusing it.

Now we have another question coming up… Why can’t we create our coded website by just learning any coding language? There are some inevitable reasons why you must learn specially designed code languages to make a coded website. To write a quality code you need to be well versed with almost all the languages of computers, also a good quality code does not happen by accident it takes consistent efforts, passionate team members, and also the concentrated practice of days. In case you lack some major resources it might lead to a low-quality code, which could even result in loss of money, time, and lots of energy because it would be a slow process of modifying and adjusting the codes according to your knowledge. While on the other side of it you might find unavoidable reasons to create a good quality code. The quality of code can be estimated by the efficiency of the source code, writing useful code and avoiding redundant and unnecessary code can improve the efficiency. Nobody likes to work on a website that would take ages to perform a task, also following the coding standards and preparing codes beforehand would help the developers ascertain problems immediately and would completely prevent them in the future. Quality of code would allow the software functions to run efficiently without any failures, a software cannot be considered reliable if it gives a different output, given every time we input the same details. Another advantage of creating a quality code is that it gives us the ability to easily locate and correct errors. It can be very uncomfortable for the users to see strange messages if they just give a wrong click, while an error appears, the users must be provided with a meaningful message so that they can understand clearly and rectify the problem. Creating a quality code is the easiest to maintain, furthermore increased maintainability of the codes lets you add new codes, fix issues, or modify existing codes with the least effort and also without affecting other modules. Whereas, maintainability of the code is concerned that can be achieved by giving proper comments, using proper name conventions for variables, classes and methods, and formatting style. A clear and structured code allows developers to reuse the code wherever required, this could extremely reduce the cost along with development time and efforts put into it.

In conclusion, a code can be called a good code if it is quickly, clearly, and easily understandable by everyone. Anyone who is new or hasn’t worked on computer languages often should be able to understand the coding done in all. While is the code is poorly written it might turn out to be difficult for developers to understand what actually the code does and what changes are required to make.

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