How does a website help us in business reach?

Living in 21st century a website seems most crucial part of a business, if you are having a business and not a website you are probably losing out on taping immense opportunities. We all must have seen a boom in IT sector in few years and specially during the pandemic and its main and a basic reason is whenever a new business crops up can be a startup, a small business venture or any old traditional business, they first focus on creating a website than its infrastructural development. Reaching to potential customers via internet is more beneficial, commoner rather than opening a store under a brand name and attracting the customers by its geographical location or traditionally. Being a customer whenever we need to buy something we first search it online these days on a particular brand’s website see the product’s features, price, colour etc. or maybe we find the location of the brand’s outlet using its website just at stones throw. Today no one prefers buying things from shops, malls or stores, everyone especially the youth is smart, they want everything through the 9’X2’inch touchpad whether it is to book a conveyance , order food , order a gift for someone , and even share reviews/feedback of a product or brand on the internet itself. A website not only helps to reach masses but also establishes virtual creditability of a business. The web has far more stronger reach in advertising than any other advertising forum, and most of this was made possible by father of search engines i.e. GOOGLE, a few years back in 2006 CEO of the Youtube (Chad Hurley) said “We think there are better ways for people engage with brands than forcing them to watch a commercial before seeing content. You could ask anyone on the net if they enjoy that experience and they’d probably say no.” And only then on October 9,2006 it was announced that that company would be purchased by Google for US$ 1.65 Billion, and to the astonishment today Youtube is the largest online platform for commercials viewership. 

A website not only give creditability but also helps give a positive impression that your company is progressive. One of the greatest things on internet is that size of your company does not really matter its existence on the internet is enough to attract the potential clients. A website is more important for a small business or a startup than a big one, as websites would be available to its customers for 24 x 7  and as a result they can look up for what they need, at their preferential time frame. If a business has a website it would help the customers purchase directly from the manufacturer and eliminate middlemen vertical, this would lead to reduced cost, better personal experience for buyers and sellers and would also give direct feedback, incase buyers wants to add some suggestions or wanna lodge a complaint etc. It will make the communication easier and towards solution attainment. Every piece of information, advertisement that a business website would put on it, will drive the customers back to their website viciously. Therefore, it is very important that the website is delivering a clear and straight message for what their brand is dealing with, what products does the business actually sell, the range of the products, price, packaging and a lot more to add onn. 

Your website must serve the customers as a base of dealing, where you can directly communicate with the customers about the new updates for instance, if your business adds a new section, stock updates, discounts, stock clearance sale, or a history of your past dealings and many more of the sort. A business website must be catchy to attract buyers at their first sight, it must be user friendly and it should have all the knowledge of every product’s showcased, related advertisements, newly realesed schemes/offers and everything that a prospective customers would look for. A website marketing can be a perfect place for the content and your business information. Being a seller my basic motive would be to sell my product in a way that the buyers must re-visit the site, with more assurance every time.

Creating a website for a startup business is inevitable because of many reasons but the foremost reason of all is, that it would be under the sun of viewer’s eyes, it should not exaggerate. There have been instances that big deals between the companies happen via websites and there new ideas simply come into actions. Without much of expense like advertisment printed on a paper. We can do all the updates as per our new ideas, its just a skill that we need to learn. An online presence of business would help build a nice relationship between the viewer i.e. prospective client and the seller, we can instantly communicate with each other via e-mails, review the products and even get a direct feedback for the same. A website should have enough informative content for the target audience to decide whether to buy the product directly from your site or look up for a different brand or maybe a competitive product, your website should be flexible enough and should be updated regularly after some time so as to attract more visitors and lead to more sales. For a business to be successful it is not onetime purchase and no revisits of the customers, but it should be a vicious circle that makes it successful. In long term, client’s support to the organization is what makes its business successful in the long run, this can lead to quite an evidence for a smoothly running business. 

It’s the only place where the target audience would get the updates on products, services and offers at any time or any place.

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